Peak Resort Management

boyd2Tim Boyd, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Boyd has served in these roles since Peak Resorts, Inc. was founded in 1997 as the holding company for ski areas that Mr. Boyd developed beginning in 1982.  He has extensive experience in the operation of day ski areas and overnight drive ski areas, as well as snowmaking  technology .  His experience provides him with intimate knowledge of the day-to-day operations, business and competitive environment of Peak Resorts, as well as the opportunities, challenges and risks.  Mr. Boyd graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Economics.

mueller-smallerSteve Mueller, Vice President, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mueller has held these positions since 2001. In these positions, he serves as the principal financial officer and is responsible for all financial and accounting aspects of the operations.  Prior to joining Peak Resorts Mr. Mueller was a shareholder with a firm of certified public accountants that he founded in 1991.  He has also served as a partner at Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte & Touche LLP) and as Chief Financial Officer of an environmental services firm. While in public accounting, Mr. Mueller served a wide variety of clients in construction, service and recreation activities.  Mr. Mueller received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from St. Louis University.

deutsch_smallDick Deutsch, Vice President – Business and Real Estate Development

Mr. Deutsch has served in this position since 2001.  Prior to joining Peak Resorts Mr. Deutsch was an active real estate investor and developer who specialized in urban redevelopment.  His development experience has encompassed many different types of assets and he is well versed in complicated financing, design, construction and management issues.  In his current position he is responsible for raising capital, developing growth strategy, monetizing the company’s real estate holdings and identifying and evaluating acquisition opportunities.