Future Projects

Cam4_003-smallerThe Carinthia 1 LP Project is the first of multiple EB-5 projects at Mount Snow. Once the Carinthia phase 1 is complete, Mount Snow will begin Phase 2 of the Carinthia Development.

Mount Snow’s master plan, approved by the state of Vermont, includes the development of up to 900 residential units and 200,000 square feet of commercial space.  The first future project will be the development of up to 150 residential units at the Carinthia Base Area.  These units will be luxury mostly two- and three-bedroom units at the base of Carinthia, with the Carinthia Ski Lodge as the hub of activity.  Amenities for these residential units will include an outdoor swimming pool, hot tubs, an ice skating rink and indoor exercise facility.

Cam5_003-smallerFollowing the development at Carinthia, projects will take place in the Main Base Area of Mount Snow and the Sundance/Snow Lake Area of Mount Snow.  The Main Base Area includes up to 200 residential units and several skier service buildings; the Sundance/Snow Lake area includes approximately 500 residential units.  All units are ski in/ski out units.  For more information on future offerings, please contact us.

The Mount Snow master plan has been approved by several government agencies.  The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service accepted Mount Snow’s master plan in 2010.  The State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, which conducts  a rigorous and thorough review before issuing permits, approved Mount Snow’s master plan in 2011.