Carinthia LP Project

Mount Snow’s first offering, the Carinthia LP project, is comprised of two construction projects: West Lake Water Project LLC and Carinthia Ski Lodge LLC.



West Lake Water Project LLC

The West Lake Water Project includes the construction of a 120-million-gallon water storage pond for snowmaking, three pump houses, the installation of snowmaking pipelines, trail upgrades and expansion, a new ski lift and ancillary equipment.

Currently Mount Snow has 20 million gallons of water available for snowmaking.  West Lake will increase storage by six times, enabling the resort to open more trails early in the season and increase the snowmaking capacity on existing trails.

Similar snowmaking pond in Vermont.

Similar snowmaking pond in Vermont.

Water will be pumped into West Lake from Cold Brook, a nearby stream.  The project includes three pump houses.  The West Lake pump house will pump water from Cold Brook into West Lake, and also pump water from West Lake to Mount Snow.  Two additional pump houses at Mount Snow will pump the water to all areas of the mountain for snowmaking.  Pipelines, totaling 28,500 feet and ranging in size from 24 inches to 48 inches in diameter, will connect West Lake and the pump houses.


Artist rendering of one of three pump houses for the West Lake project.

Other project components include an intake structure in Cold Brook, which will allow water to be withdrawn from Cold Brook and pumped to West Lake.  On-mountain snowmaking upgrades, a new beginner lift and other infrastructure improvements are part of the West Lake project.

The West Lake project has been approved by several government agencies.  The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service has issued a permit for the project.  In addition, the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has reviewed the project and is expected to issue a permit shortly.  The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and Vermont EB-5 Regional Center has approved the project.



Carinthia Ski Lodge LLC

Bldg-B_smallThe new three-story Carinthia Ski Lodge will be a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide needed skier services in a comfortable, modern building at the base of the Carinthia Slopes at Mount Snow. Totaling approximately 36,000 square feet and with more than 600 seats, it will house a full-service cafeteria, restaurant, two bars and coffee counter.  Skier services will include a ski rental shop, lift ticket and ski school sales, retail and convenience store, bag storage service and kids activity room. The interior of the lodge is designed so that during the off-season it can be modified for conferences or other groups. The lodge will also feature modern technology including wi-fi and outlets for charging electronic devices.

The new ski lodge will be the hub for future planned extensive upscale hotel accommodations and recreational facilities that will be built at the Carinthia Base Area as part of the Mount Snow master plan.  The future development of the Carinthia Base Area will enhance the overall Mount Snow resort experience.

The State of Vermont conducts a thorough review of all projects.   Mount Snow’s master plan, which includes the Carinthia Ski Lodge, was approved by the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in 2011.  Additionally, the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and Vermont EB-5 Regional Center approved the Carinthia Ski Lodge project.